Sparkle Space

How it Works

  • We cater to every client’s needs. We want to incorporate your ideas and ours to create an elegant display of lights for the holiday.
  • Fill out our Contact Form and Select your Holiday Lightning interests.
  • Submit pictures of your property & we will send a Picture Example with your Estimate back via Email.
  • Once your Deposit is received we will confirm a general installation time frame with you.
  • Electronically Sign your Service Agreement
  • No need to be home for installation. Our expert installation teams will install your lights, garland, wreaths, décor’, etc.
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed; we will always work with your suggestions to make everything perfect.
  • All holiday decorations need to be maintained due to the weather elements they are exposed to. We will be out to fix, service or replace any decoration that warrants it. Attention to detail is what we focus on.
  • Submit a Service Request & attach a photo of the area(s) needing attention and we will be out to take care issues in about 24 hours. You can always reach out on our website, or via email or text. We are here to maintain your display!
  • Removal of your display will vary based on weather conditions in your area. We ensure the takedown process is safe for your home and our employees.
  • Clips – When the snow melts, sometimes clips or debris are left behind. Simply notify us and we will complete any additional cleanup.
  • Storage – We remove all Santa’s Helpers lights, supplies, and décor. We store it neatly in our temperature-controlled warehouse so we can be ready for your installation next season.
  • Next Year – Don’t forget, when next year comes, simply reach out to confirm your ‘IN’ and you secure your installation again with your deposit, it’s as simple as that!
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